Alex Goes to Belgium, Belgium Blond   6.7% Slightly Fruity and Full of Flavor 

Barnabus Collins, Red Ale   5.0% Deep Red, Light Taste  

C to Shining C, Flavored IPA     8.1% Hints of coriander and orange 

Chariel, Flavored Amber Ale   5.0% Spruce tips, Juniper berries and a hint of Citrus 

Inconceivable, Pale Ale   5.5% An approachable beer for the Beginner

Moral Flexibility, Strong Scotch Ale   9.8% Strong malty flavor with a hint of oak

Schermerhorn Shandy, Orange      <5% It’s inconceivably tasty  

Smaller on the Outside, American Cream Ale      7.6% Our first beer tapped, this brew exploded with full flavor  

Stokstad, Oatmeal Stout   5.8% Dry yet Creamy as it flows over the tastebuds

URSA Major, Imperial IPA   9.0% URSA Minor’s Bigger, Bolder, Brother

URSA Minor, American IPA   6.8% Slightly bitter, nice and hoppy, classic IPA

Yukon Corneilus, Nut Brown Ale   6.8% Malty and nutty, classic brown ale  


Caerbannog, Weizen

Elmo Tanner, Lager

Hudson Hawk, Altbier

Wolfgang Schwanholt, Pilsner

Zoltar, Vanilla Coffee Porter