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Alex Goes to Belgium, Belgium Blond; ABV 5.5% IBU 21; A full bodied Blond

Also Blacksmith, Lithuanian Imperial Stout; ABV 7.8% IBU 64; NITRO – Creamy and malty full flavored stout

C to Shining C, Flavored IPA; ABV 6.3% IBU 69; Hints of coriander and orange

Caerbannog, Hefeweizen; ABV 5.0% IBU 12; Traditional German unfiltered wheat

Elmo Tanner, American Lager; ABV 4.8% IBU 20; Classically clean, crisp and dry

Grabthar’s Hammer, Honey Red Ale; ABV 5.8% IBU 39; A different (malty and bitter) twist on our red

Hudson Hawk, Altbier; ABV 4.3% IBU 21; The perfect combination of a Lager and Ale

Inconceivable, Pale Ale; ABV 5.3% IBU 30; An approachable beer for the beginner

Lemony Snickett, Flavored Ale; ABV 6.1% IBU 38; A delicate balance of Lemon and Ginger.

Moral Flexibility, Strong Scotch Ale; ABV 9.8% IBU 25; strong malty flavor with a hint of oak

Omertà, Honey Porter; ABV 7.2% IBU 27; A MOB collaboration, keep it a secret

Oscillation Overthruster, Citra Pale Ale; ABV 5.9% IBU 37; Lots of citra hops, perfectly refreshing

Rufus Krile, Harvest Ale; ABV 6.4% IBU 23; Fresh picked Cascade hops, an earthy pale ale

Schermerhorn Shandy, Orange; ABV <5%; It’s inconceivably tasty

Smaller on the Outside, American Cream Ale; ABV 7.6% IBU 21; Our first beer tapped, this brew exploded with full flavor

So, We’re Done with_Phrasing, ESB; ABV 6.0% IBU 37; Smooth drinking English Style Bitter

The Interrogator, Pilsner; ABV 4.9% IBU 27; In the German style, perfectly refreshing

Tradition Day, Oktoberfest, Marzen; ABV 5.4% IBU 26; A light malt flavor to welcome the Fall season

URSA Major, Imperial IPA; ABV 9.0% IBU 40; URSA Minor’s Bigger, Bolder, Brother

Yukon Corneilus, Nut Brown Ale; ABV 6.8% IBU 23; Malty and nutty, classic brown ale

Life is short- drink good beer!


Giant Blue Head, Blueberry Cider; ABV 5.9%; Sweet lasting flavor that will have you wanting one more

Red Haven, Peach Cider; ABV 5.9%; Semi-Sweet fresh picked peaches of the season

Cherry Apple, Cider; ABV 5.8%; Semi-dry cherry

Tart Apple, Cider; ABV 6.0%; Dry tart apple

Mosa, Cider; ABV 5.8%; Our dry apple splashed with our Orange soda

Mosa Sunrise, Cider; ABV 5.8%; Our dry apple with a splash of our Orange and Cherry soda


(A collaboration with The Depot, Stuffed & Taste)

Kickin’ Crab Dip and Pretzel Chips
Yukon Beer Cheese and Pretzel Chips
Hummus and Pretzel Chips


We carry multiple local restaurants take out menus.  Some of the restaurants will deliver.  Enjoy your favorite South Haven food and beverage at Harbor Light Brewery.